Breana Mallamaci is a digital artist from New Jersey who specializes in video editing and motion graphics. She currently works at Adweek where she edits various videos and animations for the visual newsroom. She is also a freelance video producer for DGL Toys. Recently, she created a lyric video for In My Head, the first single for Las Vegas area band Isolated Ave.

Previously she was a Senior Motion Graphics Designer at Shredz Supplements where she was responsible for creating promotional videos for social media as well as editing instructional exercise videos for Fit Club, the company's subscription site.

In 2013 she earned her BA in Digital Design from New Jersey Institute of Technology where she graduated magna cum laude and received the Designer of Distinction Award in Digital Design from the School of Architecture and Design. She earned her MFA in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts in 2015. Her thesis film, Better Tomorrows, has been featured in over a dozen festivals across the country and has won various awards and accolades.

When she's not editing or teaching people how to pronounce her name (Bray-Ahh-Nah), she's brushing up on her pop culture knowledge by watching the newest movies and TV shows, reading the latest comic books and rooting for her beloved New York Mets. Other hobbies include cross-stitching, wishing she was in Disneyland, and attempting to win the ever-elusive chicken dinner.

Her ability to find the perfect GIF or meme for any occasion is unparalleled. She considers her sense of humor her greatest weapon and constantly searches for new ways to make people laugh.

To see how truly creative and hilarious Breana is, follow her on instagram or twitter.